Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015
Destination Known, a mission ministry at EUM Church in Greenville, is in their tenth year building homes for families living in the garbage dump communities in Guatemala. Garbage dump dwellers are some of the poorest people in the world.  They barely survive by digging through the city dump for tin and other recyclables to sell and discarded food to eat. Partnering with Potter’s House Association International in Guatemala, a team of eleven people from EUM trav... continue reading
Friday, Jan 9, 2015
GET YOUR CAN TO CHURCH!On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Pastor Kenneth Martin of Oldtown United Methodist Church near Xenia, OH, issued a challenge to his small but mighty congregation: bring in a can of food each of the 10 Sundays left before Christmas to donate to FISH, the local food pantry. He pointed out that with an average attendance of 30 people bringing in one food item a week for 10 weeks, there would be at least 300 cans to donate. Could this be done?The... continue reading
Friday, Jan 9, 2015
The Miami Valley District Office is located on the campus of United Theological Seminary (UTS). If UTS is closed due to inclement weather, our office will be closed as well.  Check Channel 7 for weather closings.
Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014
Click on the link below for information and registration information for the Practicing Financial Wellness in Church Finance workshop in March 7, 2015.  Attendance is recommended for Finance Committee Chairpersons, Treasurers, Business Managers, Pastors, Church Leadership Teams, and SPRC Chairpersons.
Thursday, Nov 20, 2014
Providing and ensuring safe sanctuaries has emerged as an important, annual conference approved initiative.  Our goal is to assist our churches in aligning with mandatory Safe Sanctuaries guidelines. Safe Sanctuaries training will take place February 7, 2015 from 9am-12noon at Christ UMC in Kettering.To register online for this workshop, go to and click on Register for Events (or you may click here).To explore the many online resources offered b... continue reading
Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014
A Tribute to the Good Shepherd is front and center at Grace Church. The Shepherd of Grace provides a beautiful and powerful focus for the whole community. October has been a very exciting month for Grace Church. While God has been decorating the world with the beauty of trees ablaze with color, we have been watching the big ash tree in front of the church being transformed into a monument honoring Jesus. The idea to transform the tree was born out of a realizat... continue reading
Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014
Click here to read about this exciting opportunity for St. Paul UMC. 
Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014
The Giving Garden(as submitted by St Paul United Methodist, Dayton)     St. Andrew United Methodist Church is a suburban church located in Beavercreek.  In the past, their United Methodist Women have participated in our Tuesday Lunch and have donated money.  This year a group from the congregation decided to plant a garden with the proceeds coming to St. Paul.  The garden idea "burst into being from a seed" [idea] in January 2014 according to Donna Shoup.  The... continue reading
Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014
Destination Known, a mission team from EUM Church in Greenville, Ohio, sent a group of twelve people to Sutton, Alaska for their third annual Alaskan mission trip. During the weeklong trip, the team was able to serve the residents of Sutton in some very practical ways. The team went into the community to serve the locals by cutting and splitting fire wood, cutting grass, debarking logs and helping the local pastor put a new roof on his house before the harsh co... continue reading
Tuesday, Aug 19, 2014
Four Miami Valley District Churches spent part of the summer of 2014 offering a summer reading program to their communities, thanks in part to a District grant that paid for college students to lead the Live Free program.  Churches offering the "Live Free" reading program were Casstown UMC, Community UMC Riverside, Aldersgate UMC & Dixon UMC.Beth Anne Myers, Live Free Reading Team Leader at Casstown, shared photos and an article where the program was featur... continue reading