Warming Center in North Hampton

Often, people do not pay attention to the injustice of housing and heating insecurity in rural areas. This social injustice becomes a serious life issue in extreme weather conditions. Asbury United Methodist Church in North Hampton is a "Warming Center" today for our extended rural community. We are working in partnership with our Village Mayor, police and fire department. Many of our residents struggle with drafty farm houses with unreliable and at times dangerous heat sources. Without a nearby library/community center/government building, our resident have no where free to go for a moment of respite from the cold. The church is a vital lighthouse for shelter during the storm of life and weather. 
Asbury United Methodist Church, 110 E. Clark St., St. Rt. 41, will be open as a warming center, Wednesday 10-3 pm. 
Free hot coffee and warm conversation included!
If you know someone that needs a place to get warm and be safe, feel free to pass on this information and/or help them get there.