Preachers Relief Society

The Preachers’ Relief Society is a voluntary, non-profit benevolent organization of clergy and their families in the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church. It is an affiliated organization of the conference.

Begun in 1837, PRS predates pensions and medical insurance in the conference and the denomination. Ministers in the former Cincinnati Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church decided that an organization such as The Preachers’ Relief Society would help “tired, worn-out preachers and their families.”

Almost two centuries later, the phrasing is quaint but the purpose is the same: to bring relief where it is needed. While clergy and their families now participate in pension plans and health care coverage, both sometimes fall short, and The Preachers’ Relief Society stands ready to help its members in situations such as when:

  • High deductible medical insurance policies leave a gap before full coverage
  • Vision or dental plans require prepayments
  • Births or deaths bring extraordinary expenses
  • A fire, storm, flood or other natural disaster requires immediate response

On application from a member, The Preachers’ Relief Society may make a grant for these or other needs. The grants are made outright; they are not loans and no strings are attached.

Grants are not for fixed or specific amounts, and they are not guaranteed, but are based entirely upon the needs of members, and so are not IRS taxable.

Every active licensed member in the West Ohio Conference (Elders, Deacons, commissioned probationary members, and local pastors) is eligible for membership in The Preachers’ Relief Society, subject to age limit and conference membership requirements.

Membership is voluntary, not mandatory. Payment of annual dues and continuing conference membership guarantees eligibility for grants. Life memberships are also available.

Membership rates:

  • Application and one year $25
  • Renewal for one year $25
  • Lifetime ages 25-40 $300
  • Lifetime ages 41-59 $200
  • Lifetime ages 60 and above $100


For more information about The Preachers’ Relief Society of the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church, contact:

The Rev. Sharon Hausman

9822 Bradysville Road

Aberdeen, Ohio 45101

Telephone 740-621-0973

E-mail: pastor.sharon62 [at]

Use this contact for dues payments, questions about membership, information about life memberships, and Application for PRS Grant forms.



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