Get Your Can To Church!


On Sunday, October 12, 2014, Pastor Kenneth Martin of Oldtown United Methodist Church near Xenia, OH, issued a challenge to his small but mighty congregation: bring in a can of food each of the 10 Sundays left before Christmas to donate to FISH, the local food pantry. He pointed out that with an average attendance of 30 people bringing in one food item a week for 10 weeks, there would be at least 300 cans to donate. Could this be done?

The first Sunday of the challenge the cans stated rolling in. Pastor Ken decided they should be stacked in the front of the church to show the progress being made. Weekly the stash grew:  cans of fruit, vegetables, and tuna; boxes of cereal and potatoes; and bags of rice and pasta flowed into the sanctuary. The response was astounding!

On Sunday, December 21, 2014, the chancel was overflowing with food. Over the previous 10 weeks the average attendance at Oldtown U.M.C. was just 30 worshippers, but over 564 food items were gathered.  Not exactly loaves and fishes, but a good start! Pastor Ken and his congregation proved that a small church moved by the spirit can accomplish big things.