Evangelical United Methodist in Greenville Builds Homes in Guatemala

Destination Known, a mission ministry at EUM Church in Greenville, is in their tenth year building homes for families living in the garbage dump communities in Guatemala. Garbage dump dwellers are some of the poorest people in the world.  They barely survive by digging through the city dump for tin and other recyclables to sell and discarded food to eat. Partnering with Potter’s House Association International in Guatemala, a team of eleven people from EUM travelled to Guatemala in February to build two more homes.

During this week-long mission trip, the team works attentively to build homes for families that make their living in the very harsh conditions around the city garbage dump. These families live in shanties made of wood and metal fastened together with anything they can find. Most of them have dirt floors that allow the garbage to wash through during the rainy season, and many have no electricity or running water. At the end of the week, it is a blessing to present them with keys to a new home made of cinder blocks with cement floors, a new tin roof, electricity and running water. This house may only be about 100 square feet, but it is so much more to the family that receives it! Visit to watch a video showing the house building process.

This year was a very special trip as Destination Known was able to bless Potter’s House with some amazing gifts. This mission was Sherry Smith’s second time to Guatemala. Her first trip really made an impact on her life as God broke her heart for the people she served in the garbage dump communities.  Sherry wanted to do more for them. Working through Whirlpool/Kitchen Aid of Greenville, she was able to have some much needed equipment donated to Potter’s House via the Whirlpool/Kitchen Aid factory in Guatemala. These items will be used to help prepare nutritious meals for the children in the education program.

Cliff Rapier, Mission Coordinator at EUM, shared that the Potter’s House education program was in desperate need of computers. Jody Flommersfeld, who also took her second mission trip this year to Guatemala, wanted to help fill this need and collected enough money for seven new computers! The computers were purchased while the team was in Guatemala, and Jody was able to present them to the children in the education program.

What an amazing example of God’s faithfulness! 

Destination Known also completes missions in Florida and Alaska, and for the first time this year, in Haiti. You do not need to be a member of EUM Church to participate in any opportunity provided. Contact Cliff Rapier at 937-548-3211 ext. 212 or crapier [at] or visit for more information, as well as view a video from the February trip.