MIV & ORV District Leadership Development Day - Are We There Yet?
Saturday, February 5, 2022 - 9:30am to 12:00pm
Sponsored by the Miami Valley Districts and the Ohio River Valley

Due to rising COVID-19 numbers and to best protect the health and safety of all involved, the training will now be in a virtual format.

We have modified the schedule for the day and there will only be one workshop rather than two.

Keynote: “Permission Granted:  Finding the Courage to Try New Things”
Mr. Brad Aycock, Director of the Office of Fresh Starts and New Beginnings, West Ohio Conference
Revive us again, O God! I know you will! Give us a fresh start! Then all your people will taste your joy and gladness. Psalm 85:6
There’s no shortage of voices to offer the next solution to our challenges in this current season of ministry – dashboards, benchmarks, growth barriers, stop this, start that, and the list goes on and on. There are no proven “best practices” on how to lead out of a challenge like the church has faced over the past 24 months, but there are “better practices.” During this keynote, Brad Aycock will share practical ideas and examples of how some churches around West Ohio are emerging to offer the hope and love of Jesus Christ to their communities in creative ways. Trying new ideas in ministry can feel risky, causing fear of failure or opposition. Sometimes courage comes when we finally see others are doing it. Sometimes we just need someone to say “go for it.” Consider this your “Permission Granted.



The Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee 
Rev. Dr. Jocelyn Roper, West Ohio Superintendent, Miami Valley District
The description of and list of responsibilities for the S/PPRC cover five full pages in the Book of Discipline.  This workshop will help you understand the breadth of responsibilities and provide best practices for implementing and organizing your work.

Lay Leader/Lay member to Annual Conference: What’s My Job?! 
Rev. Wendy Lybarger, Regional Missional Specialist, West Ohio Conference
Mr. Bill Smith, Lay Leader, Ohio River Valley District

How is the Lay Leader and Lay Member like an axel between two wheels? This workshop is designed for local church lay leaders, lay members and pastors to find out! You’ll review the responsibilities, as given the Lay Leader and Lay Member by the Book of Discipline, and share best practices and experiences with one another.

Stewardship and You 
Rev. Rosario Picardo, Director, The Houses of Study, United Theological Seminary and Callie Picardo, Vice President of Development for United Theological Seminary. The Picardos are co-authors of the recently published book Money Talks: A Biblical Take on Earning, Saving, Spending and Giving.
Recorded video: Ms. Susan O’Donnell Black, CFRE, Executive Director of the United Methodist Foundation of West Ohio

Every church needs funds to survive yet giving remains a topic that many clergy would avoid if possible! How can pastors and church leaders move from fearful to faithful when talking about money? In this session for clergy and lay leaders, you’ll learn the essential ingredients of a successful stewardship program so you can face the future with confidence.

Local Church Finances 
Rev. Gary Wheeler, Pastor, Germantown United Methodist Church
Recorded video: Mr. Bill Brownson, CFO and Director of Administration, West Ohio Conference and Ms. Ginny Shimrock, Director of District Financial Administration and Closed Church Operation

This workshop will cover standards and best practices for a number of local church financial responsibilities including the roles and responsibilities of the Finance committee; dual controls for receipts, payments, and reconciliation; clergy and laity payroll; theft prevention and what to do when it happens; and budget development.

Board of Trustees 
Rev. Dr. Todd Anderson, West Ohio Superintendent, Ohio River Valley District
Recorded video: Mr. Christopher E. Hogan, Chancellor of the West Ohio Conference; named partner with Newhouse, Prophater, Kolman & Hogan, LLC; and member of Riverside United Methodist Church, Columbus

The Board of Trustees in the local church, according to Book of Discipline ¶2507, are synonymous with a board of directors as applied to corporations.  Join our Conference Chancellor to explore topics such as governance and the local church, the church as a corporation, and the duties of the trustees.

Missional Leadership: Creating a One Board Model of Leadership 
Rev. Caleb Henry, Pastor, Oxford United Methodist Church
The church exists for mission just as a fire exists by burning – Emil Brunner
Many congregations within the United Methodist Church have begun the process of transitioning to a “one board model” leadership structure. But what does that look like? And how can it be done? Most importantly, how does this specific model of leadership enable a church to continue its faithful witness to Jesus Christ in a rapidly changing world?  In this workshop, Rev. Caleb Henry will answer these questions and more while providing insights into how a local congregation can begin the process of transitioning to a single leadership board.

Raising Up Laity for Leadership 
Rev. RJ Davis, Pastor, The John Wesley United Methodist Church
Mr. Dave Conaway, Certified Lay Minister, The John Wesley United Methodist Church
Recruiting volunteers for leadership roles is an ongoing struggle in churches. The John Wesley UMC in Cincinnati has developed an effective strategy. Their technique begins and ends with prayer and keeps their mission and vision at the forefront of every conversation. Learn how to recruit, train, and sustain effective leaders while you bring out their God-given Kingdom potential to strengthen the body and fulfill the Great Commission.

Fresh Expressions for the Rural Church: Reimagining the Church in the Wild 
Rev. Tyler Kleeberger, Author and Pastor and Executive Director of The Farmhouse
This workshop will explore important, foundational concepts for reframing the identity of rural churches and practical approaches that any rural church can adapt to their context. We will specifically focus on the Biblical precedent for rural communities, how rural churches should approach their content, and what ministry practices should be focused on for rural communities.

How To Form a Green Team 
Mr. Doug Bell, Citizens Climate Lobby and Green Umbrella of Cincinnati
This presentation will focus on how to build a successful Green Team in your church. Discover ways to gain the support your team needs and how to identify your first projects and successfully implement them.

Faith Development, or How to Measure a Mustard Seed 
Rev. Jill Croswell, Licensed Professional Counselor and Retired Deacon
“Mustard Seed Faith“ is wonderful, but it’s a starting point - not a destination. Let’s talk about where to go from there… not Church Growth but Individual Growth!

We Can’t Do THAT at Church 
Rev. Dave Mack, Groesbeck United Methodist Church and Ms. Tracy Chambers
How to be a fear-buster utilizing practical ideas to engage cultural awareness through action.

A Foundation of Trauma Informed Care 
Mr. Brian Bertke, Director, Trauma Free World
Mr. Chris Cox, Director, Back2Back Cincinnati

Childhood trauma has a huge effect on the community and the church. In this workshop you’ll learn ways to identify trauma, understand behavior, reduce anxiety, avoid triggers and potentially change a child’s future.

Mainline or Online – It’s Still About Discipleship 
Rev. Sam Peters, Pastor/Business Owner/Author. The Pastor’s Pantry Cooking School, Ironton First UMC
“Someone put it to me this way once, ‘If you were a business right now, would you rather be a strip mall or Amazon?’”  Sam says that when making disciples for Jesus Christ, it isn’t a question of “either/or” when it comes to in-person vs. online, but “both/and” as Jason Moore properly framed it.  In this workshop you’ll learn how to utilize both in equally effective ways.  In the run up to becoming digital, it seems the church forgot their calling. Sam will show you how to maintain your focus while you build both in-person and online community.

Both/And – To be Continued (Hybrid Worship) 
Mr. Jason Moore, Coach, Videographer, Author, Midnight Oil Productions
After over 18 months of doing our best to live into BOTH/AND, many churches are feeling a mixture of exhilaration and exhaustion when thinking about the continuation of hybrid worship. While many have seen their reach extended, some have begun to lose their passion and resolve for creating truly hybrid worship experiences. As in-person numbers increase, more and more churches are asking, “Can we stop doing online now?” If that’s you, don’t give up! Now is the time to re-new and re-energize your passion for BOTH/AND. It’s making a difference! BOTH/AND: To Be Continued will focus on why hybrid should carry on and offer tangible handles on how to do it well. This is a 90 minute training (when registering, sign up for both the morning and afternoon sessions) featuring all new content focused on the why, how and what we can do to run the next leg of this very important race. We are living in an incredible Great Commission moment in the church. Let’s lean in and continue to iterate forward.  We will also cover creating a BOTH/AND Think Tank, chat strategy and 5 areas to focus attention for sustainability of hybrid worship.

Methods of Intentional Faith Connection 
Mr. Scott Seese, West Ohio Camps and Retreats Site Director, Otterbein
What makes up our Christian Community? Learn how the Celtic Way of Evangelism has been utilized to create community as an example and invitation to all. What ways are we interacting with the people that come through our doors? Learn how to recognize the stages of group development to meet people where they are. Use these skills to develop your own ministry map.

Location Name: 
Terri McClain & Nancy Newton
tmcclain@wocumc.org, nnewton@wocumc.org