PT - Worship Director @ Piqua Greene Street UMC

Director of Worship 10:30am Job Description

The mission of Greene Street United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

The following items describe the intended results for this particular position:

1. Working cooperatively with the pastor to select music and assist with worship leadership for the 10:30 am worship gathering, the preparation and performance of which will deepen the faith of worshipers of all ages.
2. Creating and extending opportunities for people of all ages to share their gifts in worship leadership.
3. Directing and overseeing praise teams leading weekly rehearsals and providing praise team leadership during corporate worship gatherings.  Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

a. Music must be selected at least one month in advance to provide adequate preparation for all involved.
b. Strong leadership is required; clear direction for musicians and vocalists is a must.
c. Developing harmony and working toward the proper blend between musicians and vocalists, especially during rehearsals.
d. Assembling praise teams Sunday morning prior to the 10:30 AM worship gathering to discuss final details, adapt to changes in the service.
e. Sheet music must be provided for musicians and vocalists who are accustomed to reading standard, classical music rather than basic chord and lead sheets.
f. Musician team meetings must be organized and led prior to each new worship theme to facilitate teambuilding, unity and foster more effective communicationz.

The person in this position should contribute to the overall mission of the church in the following ways:

1. Providing accompaniment for congregational singing in addition to the other musicians and praise teams offering ministry in music in the context of corporate worship.
2. Developing praise teams who provide music leadership for worship on a rotating basis, integrating different people and instrumentation that will enrich the worship experience. No less than 3 praise teams.
3. Inspiring others to deepen their faith through the gift of music, developing skills and mentoring others to share their talents with the church and wider world.
4. Provide ample coverage for other musicians while they are vacationing or away.
5. Overseeing the maintenance of the piano in cooperation with the Trustees.

The person in this position strengthens our church staff in the following ways:

1. Loyalty and dedication to God, to Greene Street United Methodist Church, the Pastor and other staff.
2. Providing clear communication with the staff and congregation, providing regular planning updates in the Chimes, bulletin, website and other publications.
3. Submitting to an annual evaluation meeting with the SPRC, where ministry goals are established and honed.
4. Adhering to Safe Sanctuary requirements.
5. Prudence in personal and liability issues, and good stewardship of time and finances.
6. Regular participation in leadership meetings with SPRC, worship team and staff meetings as requested.
7. Useful skills for this position are the ability to listen to and communicate with people of all ages, interest in a wide range of worship experiences, interest in music and other worship-related arts, skills for researching worship issues and sensitivity both to what makes worship effective and ways people relate to God.

Average time commitment: 12 hours per week

Compensation: To be negotiated.

revwill [at]">Resumes and emails can be sent to Will Leasure, Pastor - revwill [at]