Part-time Ministry Assistant - West Carrollton Memorial UMC

We are in the need of an Office Ministry Assistant.   If you have an interest in this position and possess skills in Microsoft Office, PowerPoint and Publisher please submit a resume to memorialchurch1 [at]  The position pays $10.50 per hour. Work hours are Monday - Thursday, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Position: Ministry Assistant

Main Goal: To lovingly and effectively strengthen the leadership and operations of Memorial UMC through secretarial support.


Key Result Area: Administration

Supporting Goal: Reliably support leadership with a well-organized and effectively stocked office

Performance Standards: You’ll know you’ve done a good job when

1.    Staff the Church Office M-F 10am-2pm and arrange for volunteer substitutes when unavailable (volunteers must be approved by the Personnel Committee)

2.    Office supplies are ordered and stocked

3.    Office remains organized and tidy

Supporting Goal: Maintain good records for oversight and accountability

Performance Standards: You’ll know you’ve done a good job when

1.    Membership Secretary duties are performed; effectively keeping weekly records, along with births, deaths, marriages, etc.

2.    Time sheet is maintained weekly and placed in mailbox of Personnel Chairperson

3.    Payment Authorizations are filled out with payable attached and signed (by appropriate person) and placed in the Treasurer’s mailbox in an urgent manner

4.    All bills/expenses of the Trustees Committee are copied and invoiced

5.    Records, physical and electronic, are kept in an orderly fashion and appropriately filed.


Key Result Area: Communication

Supporting Goal: Members and non-members receive timely, relevant, and engaging communications.

Performance Standards: You’ll know you’ve done a good job when

1.    Weekly bulletins are accurate, visually appealing, relevant, and ready on the welcome desk at the rear of the sanctuary.

2.    Weekly Worship PPT is accurate, visually appealing, effective, and ready on the display laptop at the front of the sanctuary.

3.    Newsletter is accurate, visually appealing, relevant, and distributed on or before the first of the month (BCC email and a few copies at the rear of the Sanctuary and in the church office).

4.    Church Calendar is maintained online, for the newsletter, and in the office.

5.    Church Web Page is kept current, visually appealing, and relevant to include copies of newsletters, calendars, and sermon audio.

6.    Church Facebook Page is maintained and updated regularly with current events.

7.    Additional correspondences are prepared at the discretion of the Pastor


Supporting Goal: Leaders receive timely, confidential communications

Performance Standards: You’ll know you’ve done a good job when

1.    Phone, answering machine, email, and in-person messages are collected and distributed in a confidential manner. (Date and initial all written messages)

2.    Every effort is made to reach the relevant leader(s) with urgent messages.

3.    Each work day, church mail is retrieved, opened (unless marked personal), marked with date received and initialed, and distributed to the appropriate mailboxes or safe (if includes cash or check).


Key Result Area: Love One-Another

Supporting Goal: Extend love through word and deed

Performance Standards: You’ll know you’ve done a good job when

1.    Phones are answered in a professional and inviting tone.

2.    All conversations are kept confidential

3.    Effort is made to diffuse rather than inflame issues that may arise or come to the attention of the Ministry Assistant

4.    Record of hospitalized members and friends is kept up-to-date and Pastor is made aware of illnesses and those in need of special care.

5.    Lost & found items are kept track of.

6.    Members are assisted in making personal copies at a rate of 10 cents per copy (B&W only, maintain list). Lovingly negotiate needs/availability for requests exceeding 19 copies.