Part Time Food Pantry Manager - Fairview UMC

Part Time Food Pantry Manager Position Fairview United Methodist Church
Main Goal: The Food Pantry Manager will reach out and network with churches, religious and community organizations, including sororities and fraternities, to serve as partners to recruit volunteers and obtain resources for the food pantry. The primary goal is to increase the number of hours per month and the number of volunteers the Fairview Food Pantry is available to serve those in need. This person would be face of Fairview Food Pantry in the community.

Expectations of the Food Pantry Manager:

1. To have knowledge and/or experience with food pantry service delivery in any location or to be willing to learn about Food Bank and Food Pantry delivery services in Montgomery County.
2. To have skills in grant writing and/or determining sources of funding for on-going needs of the Fairview Food Pantry.
3. To be self-directed in approaching diverse churches, religious and non-religious organizations, sororities and fraternities, and individuals, etc., about being partners in recruiting volunteers to serve on regular basis and/or providing funds for the Fairview UMC Food Pantry.
4.  To have strong organizational and time management skills along with excellent communication and multi-tasking skills.
5. To determine sources of food and non-food items from places other than the Food Bank.
6. To work with diverse age groups to encourage participation in serving persons who receive food.
7. To exhibit professional and respectful demeanor while carrying out the job responsibilities.
8. To work with the Fairview United Methodist Church Treasurer to market and make the Fairview Food Pantry more visible and known in the community.
9. To coordinate with the Fairview Food Pantry Committee in establishing volunteer schedules and appropriate training
10. To have reliable transportation to enhance ability to speak to organizations or to transport pantry items as the need arises.

Work Schedule: Ten hours (10) of work per week at home or at the church. This position does not require being at Fairview United Methodist Church on a daily basis. It does require flexibility in being at the church as needed.

Additional Information:This position is a part time position and is subject to the Fairview United Methodist Employee Personnel Policies Handbook.