2020 MIV Grant Applications Now Available!

The Miami Valley District invites you to submit “A Strategic Plan for Bold Ministry Ideas.” As a district, we are embracing the symbolism of a bridge and challenging ourselves to build bridges to those who need the love, grace, mercy, and justice of Jesus Christ. We want to hear how you see God guiding you into creative ways of reaching out in ministry and attracting others to follow Jesus Christ. As Jesus went about his work, he built bridges to those he encountered, meeting their countless needs and inviting them into a closer relationship with God. This is our vision for how the Church needs to work today.

Attached you will find the application for receiving grant resources from the Miami Valley District. Please note that there is a new set of criteria to guide your thoughts. We include this not in order to restrict your creativity, but rather to give you some indications of what type of projects will be most likely to receive funding. There is also included a page that outlines the entire process for 2019. Please open the document in Microsoft Word and answer the questions in the boxes provided (the boxes expand as you type).

Funding is awarded for each calendar year, so this application is for the request of support for 2020. Funding is enabled by the generosity of local churches through paying their district mission apportionments. The process involves continuous quality assessment to maximize our financial resources, so those receiving funds are required to submit progress reports twice each year (due April 1 and August 1).

We look forward to seeing the creative ideas that emerge as we begin this process again. We thank you for your faithful ministry and for your commitment to reaching out to those in need as you attempt to make new disciples for Jesus Christ. All grant requests must be received by September 16, 2019.

Rev. Jocelyn Roper, District Superintendent
Jon Ferguson, Chairperson, Mission Grant Team