MIV District Lay Servant Training Spring 2017

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MIV District Lay Servant Training Spring 2017

All classes will be held on Friday, March 24, 6:30-9:30 pm and Saturday, March 25, 8:30 am-4:30 pm @ Tipp City UMC, 8 W. Main St, Tipp City OH 45371.

All classes are $35 and included materials, lunch & snacks.

Contact Mary Frantz, 937-848-2909, education [at] bellbrookumc.org with questions.

**  New Lay Servants must fill out an application (online at wocumc.org) and secure their pastor’s approval. Get church’s approval at yearly fall charge conference, before or after the class.


1.  LEADERSHIP 101   (Fulfills basic course requirements)

Leader: Nancy Byrd, CLM      

This course is the foundation for all other Leading & Learning courses. In this course you are encouraged to discover and employ personal spiritual gifts as God intended. Participants are invited to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders, remaining rooted in consistent spiritual practices, and being part of a group that holds members accountable in their discipleship. This course offers guidelines for best practices as a church leader and in mission and ministry in the community and daily life.

Required text: Sandy Jackson, Lay Speaking Ministries Basic Course Participant’s Guide, ISBN: 9780881776263. This will be mailed to participants after March 1st.



2.  Leading worship (Course of Study)  (Fulfills Advanced and Core course requirements)

Leader: Rev. Wendy Lybarger    

This course focuses on the ministry of the lay servant who either regularly or occasionally  leads a group or congregation in worship.

Required text: Hoyt Hickman, Worshiping with United Methodists (Revised), ISBN: 978-0-6873-3526-8, $11.99.  This will be mailed to participants after March 1st.



3. Dancing with words  (Fulfills Advanced course requirements)

Leader: Janet Steele, CLM       

Participants in the course will learn what constitutes a good story, discover storytelling styles, learn the techniques of effective storytelling, and practice creating stories from their experience.

Required text: Ray Buckley, Dancing with Words, ISBN: 978-0-88177-407-8.  This will be mailed to participants after March 1st.



4.  God’s Mission…Our Journey  (Fulfills Advanced course requirements)

Leader: Rev. Lisa Ellison  

This course will provide participants with a better understanding of a holistic approach to participation in God’s mission to the world and equip lay servants for more effective missional engagement in their communities and beyond.

Required text: A Mission Journey: A Handbook for Volunteers, ISBN: 978-08817-7669-0.  These will be mailed to participants after March 1.



Biblical Storytelling was listed as a class offering at our information sessions.  It is now a two week online course.