Free MIV Advent Resource available to you!

With Labor day behind us, many of us look to the fall and beyond. Before you know it, Advent will be here and then we shift gears toward Christmas. 

With that in mind, a team from the district made up of staff and pastors gathered for a day of Advent resource design. We’re excited to share with you what we’ve come up with. 



Advent is a season of expectant anticipation and preparation for the arrival of the Christ Child. 

Some of our favorite stories are told during this season. 

But what if there is more to these stories than we know?

Every good story has a beginning - a foundation that underpins the narratives we come to love. 

It is in these backstories that we find new meaning and connection to the stories we've come to know. 

One of the biggest trends in the entertainment industry is that of the prequel story. From books to movies, broadway to television; prequels tell the story of how our favorite stories came to be. And once we experience those stories, we come to know and appreciate the stories we know even more.

Join us this Advent as we look back at the stories behind the stories.

We’ll connect the stories of the New Testament to the backstories of the Old Testament.

In doing so, you may find the next chapter of your story. 

Backstory: Rediscovering the Advent Season 

Be on the lookout for a complete set of worship resources, including videos, graphics, print and written materials. We’ll provide calls to worship (traditional and non), exegetical notes, discipleship resources and more. All of these resources are provided at no cost to you and will be available mid to late September.