District Leadership

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Clergy Cluster Coordinator, jroper [at] wocumc.org (Jocelyn Roper)

Building and Location Committee, pastordon [at] pembertonumc.org (Don Burley)

This committee provides expertise to help local church leadership evaluate land purchases and construction/remodeling projects whose costs are ten percent or more of the church's yearly budget.

Grant Review Team, jon.ferguson [at] stillwaterumc.org (Jon Ferguson)

The Grant Review Team has the privilege of deploying God's financial resources, given through apportionments, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Team carefully evaluates requests from MIV churches, and makes recommendations to the District Leadership Board who finalizes the grants.


SALT Team, BBOYD [at] amosmedia.com (Bruce Boyd)

The Miami Valley District Strategic and Administrative Leadership Team (SALT) is a group of lay and clergy volunteers that serve with the District Superintendent to provide administrative and strategic leadership to the Miami Valley District and provide resources to support the ministries of the local churches of the district.


Stewardship Team, ms.ann.baird [at] gmail.com (Ann Baird)

Superintendency Committee, tomh [at] suphurgrove.org (S)sherri.blackwell [at] gmail.com (herri Blackwell)

The Superintendency Committee functions to support the District Superintendent in the spiritual and administrative oversight of the district, with particular attention to responsibilities regarding district staff personnel.


Lay Servant Ministries Team, layservantmiv [at] woh.rr.com (Mary Frantz)

The Lay Servant Ministries Team organizes and provides basic and advanced lay servant classes in the spring and fall of each year.  The team also reviews the Lay Servant Ministries reports prepared by Lay Servant for charge conference each year and interviews persons who want to be Lay Speakers.


Miami Valley United Methodist Men - chuckcraynon [at] gmail.com (Charles Cranyon)

Miami Valley United Methodist Women - vanolibeth [at] gmail.com (Beth Vanoli)

(The attachments below are the 2016 UMW District & Conference Resident Officers  and the UMW 2016 Calendar of Events. )


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